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A Fruits Basket Love

News and updates

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News and updates

September 10th, 2006
Making some big changes to the site! I changed the colour from orange to green, changed the front page header and am making individual pages for the manga quotes. Also added lots of manga quotes! I still have a long way to go though. @_@
August 15th, 2006
I couldnt seem to fix the forms for the polls so I came up with a very simple way around it. I also added a new header to the site. Gomen for being such a terrible webmistress lately! I have many updates to make real soon.
March 28th, 2006 seems the polls and forms are indeed not working. ~.~;; I need to figure out how to get them working or go to a whole new alternative. Anyway, in happier news...I fixed the front page banner though it really looks almost exactly like it did before. *sweat drop* I also added a banner to the "Anime Quotes" and "Manga Quotes" pages.
Feb 22nd, 2006
I have added some interactive features to the Links and Rivals pages so that fans can participate in my site. ^_^ I also added a couple more quotes to the Anime Quotes page.
Added two new pages!!
A Polls page and a "Why we love them" Page
Feb 20th, 2006
I have added more quotes to the Anime page. I'd get the quotes up faster but it takes me forever and a day to write them all down from the anime and manga. ^^; Also I have added more information to the Fruits Basket: The Story and Kyo and Tohru: Their Story pages and I have done some minor work on the links page and added 19 pics to the gallery.
Feb 17th, 2006
I have added another quote page to separate the anime and the manga quotes. I have also added this News and Updates page so that the news and updates won't be on the main page. Added a new Rivals ,  Memories and Moments  and Kyo and Tohru: Their Story  banner.
Feb 16th, 2006
Sorry for my lack of updating in the past couple months! Like Tohru and Kyo I too am a student and that has been taking up a good lot of my time. ^^; However it is time for another round of much needed updates! Updates include:
-Added more pictures
-more quotes
-more "memories and moments"   
Dec 8th, 2005                                                                                              
For the next few days (or weeks) I will be doing some major work on this site! I just started it a few days ago so there isn't too much here yet but please stop back sometime soon. ^_^

A Kyo Sohma and Tohru Honda story
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