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A Fruits Basket Love

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Kyo and Tohru share many moments in both the manga and the anime, Fruits Basket. Everything from the silly to the serious, the happy to the heartbreaking. This here is a list of some of their most loved memories and moments.

Warning: The scenes mentioned could contain spoilers.

  • Kyo apologizing and fixing Tohru's bedroom roof. - Manga one/ Episode two
  • Kyo taking Tohru's hand and dragging her back home to the Sohma house after she moved out. - Manga one/ Episode five
  • Kyo rushing back to Tohru at the house on the new years eve. - Manga two/ Episode nine
  • Kyo finds Tohru sleeping outside after they visit her mothers grave. - Manga four
  • Kyo "protecting" Tohru from boys at school that want to ask her out. - Manga four/ Episode thirteen
  • When Tohru got sick and Kyo looked through books on how to make her feel better before cooking her leek soup even though he despises it and then taking it up to her room and trying to cheer her up. - Manga five/ Episode nineteen
  • Tohru offering to share her umbrella with Kyo. - Manga six/ Episode twenty four
  • Kyo worried about what Tohru thinks after she sees him in his "true form." - Manga six/ Episode twentyfive
  • Tohru goes after Kyo after he transforms into his true form. - Manga six/ episode twentyfive
  • Tohru clinging to Kyo's monsterous form, pouring her heart out to him. - Manga six/ Episode twentysix
  • Kyo pulling Tohru into a hug after he transforms back into himself from being the spirit of the cat. - Manga six/ Episode twentysix
  • Kyo offering his hand to a scared Tohru in the haunted house. - Manga eight
  • Kyo protecting Tohru from Black Haru. - Manga eight
  • When Tohru makes Kyo smile. - Various moments

A Kyo Sohma and Tohru Honda story
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