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A Fruits Basket Love

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Click on the manga volumes to read quotes by Kyo, Tohru and others regarding them or their relationship.

Warning: Quotes may contain spoilers

Manga Volume 1

Manga Volume 2

Kyo: You've...healed?
Tohru: Eh?
Kyo: Your...wound. The one...I gave you...
Tohru: Yes! It's all gone!!
Kyo: Any scars?
Tohru: None whatsoever!
Kyo: I see...I'm glad. I mean, I'm not trying to get out of taking responsibility!! It's just...If there was a know, for a girl...!! that is...
Tohru: eh?
Kyo: Aw, forget it. I'm just really sorry, okay? ......What are you smiling about?
Shigure: ...Please refrain from hitting on girls in my house...especailly literally.
Kyo: Wha?! I wasn't hitting on her!
Kyo, finds Tohru sleeping outside, leans over her like he's going to kiss her: Hey...I'm sorry...okay...? What should I call....this feeling? still my undeveloped heart...the flower in my heart.

A Kyo Sohma and Tohru Honda story
Everybody longs for love that never fails - Proverbs 19:22