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Why Kyo over Yuki? We all know Yuki has his good points. He’s kind, sensible, a lot like why do we feel Kyo is better suited to the lovely Miss Tohru Honda? There is truly a wide array of reasons and this page is dedicated to this very question! The reasons why Kyo is the better suitor over Yuki are:

01. Opposites attract - they balance each other out
02. Tohru has come to have somewhat of a calming effect on Kyo
03. Kyo needed someone who wasn't cursed to accept him. That person was and is Tohru
04. Tohru has always been a fan of the cat in the Zodiac story
05. Kyo defends Tohru
06. Kyo makes an effort to control his temper around Tohru
07. Kyo loves Tohru. Enough said.
08. Tohru cares for Kyo, despite his flaws.
09. Tohru makes Kyo smile
10. Kyo has changed more for the sake of Tohru than Yuki has.
11. Tohru reversed Kyo's curse

Why do you think Kyo is better suited to Tohru than Yuki? Email me and let me know why! I will add your comment to the list. Don't forget to include your name/nickname so I can give you credit. ^_^ And please remember, no Yuki bashing. Let's keep this civil. ^_^
Email me at (.ca NOT .com) Please remember to specify which question you are replying to. ^_^

A Kyo Sohma and Tohru Honda story
Everybody longs for love that never fails - Proverbs 19:22