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A Fruits Basket Love

Kyo and Tohru: Their story

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Kyo and Tohru: Their Story
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Before it is possible to know and understand the story of these two beloved characters, one must know who they are as separate individuals.
Tohru Honda is a 16/17 year old orphan. Her father Katsuya Honda died from an illness when she was very young and her mother Kyoko Honda died in a car accident just a few months before the story of Fruits Basket starts. She is extremely loving and sweet, always thinking of others before herself. Her hearts desire is to break the Zodiac curse so that the members of the Sohma family won't have to suffer it anymore. Breaking the curse seems to be especially important to her when it comes to Kyo-kun.
Kyo Sohma is the same age as Tohru and lives in Shigure Sohma's house. His martail arts sensai became like a father to him and seems to be one of the few people that Kyo actually likes. Not only does Kyo have to deal with the Zodiac curse like the other members of the Zodiac, he also has to deal with being the outsider and having two forms: the cat and the vengful spirit of the cat which is a monsterous form. Kyo comes across as an angry loner but inside he has a loving heart that has been covered in pain. He wants someone to understand him.
Now on to their story....
Kyo Sohma and Tohru Honda have a very specail and unique story.  They meet on somewhat shaking grounds as Tohru ends up bumping into Kyo and he transforms into a cat. At the beggining she worries that Kyo hates her but really that is far from the truth. Kyo has a hard time showing his feelings but throughout the manga and the anime his feelings begin to show through more and more. It becomes very clear that he is in love with Tohru and though he may not show it in the ways Yuki does, it is still obvious (except Tohru seems unaware of this). He defends Tohru, looks out for her and cares for her deeply. He even smiles at her and because of her he tries to control his temper. Tohru seems torn between Yuki and Kyo but I believe she also has feelings for Kyo. Their lives have been entwined before they even knew it - before they even knew each other. Tohru is like the missing piece in Kyo's heart. A person who is uncursed, that accepts Kyo for all he is, flaws and all. As a child she felt sorry for the cat in the Zodiac story and has been a fan of the cat every since. Though Tohru is more like Yuki than Kyo she seems to fit better with Kyo - opposites attract, as they say.

A Kyo Sohma and Tohru Honda story
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