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A Fruits Basket Love

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Welcome to A Fruits Basket Love! A shrine to Sohma Kyo and Honda Tohru. Though they aren't officially together this site is a shrine to their memories and moments, and a hope that they will end up being Together, Always. I have heard the rumors that they will indeed get together but sadly this site will have to progress slowly for the time being as I haven't been able to read all the manga yet to find out just where their relationship is at. Hopefully though in the next couple months I will be able to aquire the latest manga and update this site to be more current on our beloved Kyo and Tohru.

I hope you enjoy your stay as you look through the journey of Kyo and Tohru so far, and perhaps learn a little more about the wonderful manga and anime that is Fruits Basket.
Last updated on September 10th, 2006      To know what updates have been made, check out the News and Updates  page. ^_^                  
Important: I don't know why the forms for the polls and questions never worked but I have an alternative to them now. To answer any of the questions email me at

A Kyo Sohma and Tohru Honda story
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